Release Date: Apr. 15, 2021 (date is subject to change)


The latest「COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION」series item is from KAMEN RIDER GAIM, broadcast from 2013 to 2014.

"CSM SENGOKU DRIVER" is a HENSHIN BELT used by the armored riders, including the main character Kota Kazuraba (act: Gaku Sano).

The exterior has been redesigned and redesigned to match the suit prop. Using aluminum die-casting and zinc die-casting, it has a profound feeling.

 The set contents are mainly composed of items related to "KAMEN RIDER GAIM".

When you press the "line button" on the main unit, the character voice will be activated according to the type of faceplate to be attached. A lot of lines of riders who used the Sengoku driver are newly recorded.

When you press the "BGM button", you can play a lot of impressive BGM in the TV show. In addition, "standby mode" is implemented, and it is possible to automatically play your favorite BGM during transformation play.

The "sound effect button" contains sounds that enhance the reproduction in the play, such as "sound when taking out the Sengoku driver" and "transformation belt wearing sound".

By replacing the CSM Sengoku driver body with the attached silver belt, you can reproduce the appearance of the "mass production type driver" that appears in the show.

Sengoku Driver "Kamen Rider", Bandai CSM

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